IC.Shape IC.Shape is a set of instruments designed to increase productivity and ease the modeling process. The whole toolset is driven by the 3ds Max standard painting system and tracking functions. It gives its best paired with a pressure sensitive device, since many instruments react to natural strokes. The learning path is straightforward, thanks to a clear interface and notes painless to remember and handle during the modeling process. Many tools are context sensitive and perform different actions based on the artist's intent, without complex combinations of keys. No more than one key is to be hold at the same time to activate an alternaive behaviour and each modifier key gets similar results in comparable tools, like draw and erase, or paint deformation tools. The artist has more time to take care of the creative process.

IC.Shape is not available for download anymore

Installation and Uninstallation IC.Shape is distributed as mzp archive, a 3ds Max auto executable file.
Before proceding with installation, please be sure to have administrator rights on your machine.
If drag and drop procedure fails, choose "Run Script..." form menu "MAXScript" and select IC_Shape.mzp file.



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