IC.Face IC.Face is a set of instruments designed to increase productivity and ease the facial rigging process. It automates a lot of repetitive tasks with single clicks, leaving more time to make, change and refine choices. It is based on the principle of setting up a stretchy bones net driven by higher level shape handles. After setting up the bones net, the script comes into action, allowing the control structure creation and management. Fast visual feedback of the status of each active component and their relationship prevents from losing focus in different operations like hierarchical linking and parameter wiring. An effective mirror system allows to recreate half rig to the other side in a short amount of time, by recreating elements and providing an efficient connection display system to reproduce them. First time learning requires a little effort, but as the process is clear, it's quite straightforward, so hang in there.

IC.Face is not available for download anymore

Installation IC.Face is distributed as mzp archive, a 3ds Max auto executable file. Before proceding with installation, please be sure to have administrative rights on your machine.